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One of the weakest points on the 2015+ MQB platform is the OEM clutch and dual mass flywheel. These components fail quickly on vehicles with even modest engine modifications. Using a single mass flywheel and upgraded pressure plate and friction plate reduces rotational mass and has significantly more torque capacity that the weak OEM components.

Drag racing requires a Single Mass SFI approved Flywheel to be included with each kit when the original design is Dual Mass. This system features a Heavy Duty Pressure Plate modified for a puck style disc with no cushion between the linings to keep the clutch pedal travel short and quick. The puck design disc reduces rotational mass and total drive surface area while increasing pounds per square inch on the surface of the friction material. This combination minimizes inertia, accelerating the transfer of torque from the engine to the wheels. The friction material used for this race application is Graphite Impregnated Ceramic. This compound exceeded all other friction materials when testing for durability, reduced chatter, heat transfer and torque capacity.

Recommended uses are drag racing, drifting and limited street.

495 ft/lbs
Notes: Kit Includes Flywheel


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