$ 72.99

The plastic PCV tube and baffle on your Mk3 VR6 is going to break. When? When you least expect it. We're not psychic, but experience has taught us all about this wonderful little tube. Years of heat and oil weaken the factory plastic causing the tube to crack wide open. Unfortunately, this part is not available at the VW dealer. It must be purchased with the air intake boot assembly - retailing online for $110-$150. Why spend big bucks to install the same weak part? Use our PCV Fix & repair it for the last time!

Our Mk3 VR6 PCV Fix is a direct replacement for the factory PCV baffle and tubing. We've eliminated the plastic and designed a 100% stainless steel replacement built to last forever. Our fix is a complete kit which includes couplers, hose clamps, and tubing to replace the rotten vacuum line from the throttle body to the purge valve. No permanent modification to any factory parts is required!

When choosing build materials we cut no corners. Our tube is fabricated from precision turned 304 stainless steel tubing and tight radius mandrel bent elbows. Stainless steel rings act as stops for the couplers & offer a clean look. Tubes are TIG welded on precision fixtures & powdercoated wrinkle black for a stealth look. Our couplers are made from oil resistant synthetic rubber tubing. Compared to silicone, this tubing offers superior oil resistance & sealing ability. Our clamps are 100% stainless steel & sized to fit. To replace the vacuum line we include 12" of heavy duty fuel line. Standard vacuum line won’t stand up to the heat of the exhaust manifold, so we went with thick wall oil & fuel resistant tubing.

Our PCV Fix is designed to fit OBD1 & OBD2 Mk3 VR6 engines. It will also fit the VR6 B3 & B4 Passat. Fitment on the Corrado SLC rubber intake boot has not been confirmed. Need more information? Please read over our Installation Guidelines and FAQ.

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