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Integrated Engineering is proud to manufacture the highest quality connecting rods available for European applications, at a reasonable price. This is accomplished through careful design, manufacturing, and quality control processes. With hundreds and hundreds of sets of VW and Audi connecting rods in stock, we are your specialist supplier with the inventory and knowledge to make your project a success.

One of the hallmarks of a high quality connecting rod is its strength to weight ratio. Anyone can create an extremely strong rod out of a huge chunk of steel. Creating one with a reasonable weight that works well in today's high rpm european applications, and holds up to a lifetime of torture is another story. In order to create this balance of strength and light weight, an H beam design is utlized. The design is validated and optimized using modern CAD drafting and FEA analysis techniques. These techniques ensure the rod is as light and strong as possible.

The material specification and treatment is equally important to producing a quality connecting rod with a high strength to weigh ratio. Our steel rods feature 4340 Chrome Moly steel, formed into shape using a 2 piece forging for the highest possible fatigue life. The material is multi-stage heat treated to ensure the highest possible fatigue strength as well as good dimensional stability. This feature ensures that our big ends stay round for a lifetime of bearing trouble free service. Following this pattern of high quality, ARP 2000 rod bolts are standard in all of our applications, while they are an upgrade at additional cost in many of our competitors.


2 Piece Forgings from Vacuum Drawn 4340 Chrome Moly Steel

Multi Stage Heat Treat for maximum strength, dimensional stability, and fatigue life.

Fully Machined and Shot Peened

H beam Design

Tolerances as tight as .0003 ground on Sunnen brand equipment

Standard ARP2000 Rod Bolts

Computer Optimized Design

Magnaflux Inspected

Dimensionally Inspected

Packed in balanced sets +/- 1 gram

Combination tested to over 500whp!!

Possible to install without removing engine

All this at a price point that yields market leading value



144mm Center to Center

19mm Tapered Wrist pin

3/8 ARP 2000 Rod Bolts


Application Notes:

VW / Audi 1.8t Engines w/ 19mm Wrist Pin Pistons

Drop In with Factory Pistons for: AWP, AWW, ARY, AWM, AWT, AVJ Engine Codes

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