$ 780.00

Ferrea valve springs are developed from high strength alloys, including premium grade chrome silicone steel These springs are manufactured with state-of-the-art equipment. Our springs are heat-treated and stress-relieved, which dramatically increases the spring's life. Strict quality control procedures and cycle testing ensures consistency from batch to batch. Ferrea valve springs provide the stability needed for high lift, high rpm racing engines, while minimizing the load loss for today's aggressive valvetrain combinations.

Ferrea Spring Seat Locators are precision CNC machined and in most applications, required for certain Ferrea Valve Springs. These locators are stronger than factory to withstand the higher stress involved with stronger springs and high revving engines.


Intake Single Spring (QTY: 12)
Intake Ti Retainer (QTY: 12)
Intake Spring Locator (QTY: 12)

Exhaust Dual Spring (QTY: 8)
Exhaust Ti Retainer (QTY: 8)
Exhaust Spring Locator (QTY: 8)

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