$ 1,049.00

Adding a Peloquin's Planetary Torsional Differential superbly helps traction, whether it be straight line drag racing or twisty road racing. As opposed to the factories 4 "spider" gears, Peloquin's Differential's consist of a multitude of pre-loaded "screw" type gears.

The benefits is transferring the engines power to both wheels more efficiently and equally then a stock differential. No more single tire burnouts or spinning the inside tire under hard cornering.

Differential housings are made from either 4320 or 8620 steel.

Gears are made from 9310 steel.

All parts are from billet material and CNC machined to the closest factory specifications.

All differentials have been heat treated, Sub-O, and shot peened.

All 02Q differentials come with bearings, bolt kits, and a transferable limited lifetime warranty.

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