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Replace your OEM engine cover hardware for the last time!

The Audi TT's unique engine covers do an excellent job of cleaning up the engine bay. They are highly sought after by VW enthusiasts yet frequently cursed by TT owners. Any TT owner knows these engine covers all too well - they must be removed in order to service any part of the engine. Easier said than done! Broken plastic fasteners, stripped screw heads, lost hardware... need we say more?

Our engine cover hardware kit includes everything you need to replace every fastener on the engine covers. Custom CNC machined aluminum washers fill out the recesses in the engine covers while also offering a buttoned-up look. Stainless steel flat head metric hardware and custom CNC machined brackets provide hold-down power your engine covers have never known. All six engine covers can be removed in under a minute using nothing more than a 4mm Allen wrench.

The coolant bottle and battery cover hardware is replaced with a washer machined to the correct height and a stainless steel M6 flat head bolt. The plastic upper engine cover fasteners are replaced with the same washers and bolts, but bolt down to a solid CNC machined bracket. The lower engine cover screws, hidden deep down in the OEM recesses are replaced with tall washers and extra long bolts. No longer will these two fasteners be soaked in crud. The front fascia clips are replaced with a similar washer and bolt combination, however the core support offers no threads for easy attachment. Six CNC machined brackets rivet behind the fiber core support providing a solid mounting point for all six fasteners. Extra thin washers and shorter bolts ensure the hood will close without contacting the hardware.

In total, our 225 engine cover hardware kit includes 52 pieces - 14 custom washers, 16 stainless steel bolts, 8 custom brackets, and 14 rivets. Comprehensive installation instructions ensure a simple installation. Don't fuss with inferior engine cover hardware ever again!

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