$ 438.54

What it Does

The AEM Water/Methanol Injection System injects a mixture of water/methanol into the intake of a forced induction engine. Injecting water/methanol allows users to run more boost and ignition timing to gain horsepower and torque. Gains as much as 20% more horsepower and 25% more torque on pump gas are common. 

Why You Want One

The AEM Water/Methanol Injection System comes loaded with more STANDARD features and high quality components than any other comparably priced injection system on the market today. The AEM injection kit comes with a 1 gallon tank with built-in low level indicator. The "Boost Safe" injection readiness system is standard in all AEM Water/Methanol Injection Systems. An integrated check valve in the nozzle prevents unintended fluid flow. One injector and two interchangeable nozzles are included to cover a wide range of potential horsepower levels and 20 feet of injection tubing facilitates installation on almost any vehicle.


- 1 Gallon tank with built in low level switch

- Boost referenced progressive controller

- Boost Safe readiness safety system

- Check valve integrated into nozzle to prevent unintended fluid flow

- One injector and two nozzles to cover a wide range of HP levels

- High Pressure 200psi Recirculation-style pump

- Progressive Controller: Start Injection Boost 1-11psi. Full Injection Boost 6-39psi

- LED dash light for system status and low fluid warning

- 20 ft. of injection tubing

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