$ 999.99

This stroker crank is a factory forged 2.0 FSI crankshaft, which we source brand new from VAG. We then modify it with a special oil pump drive gear which makes it a drop in for 06a 1.8t blocks. This is a very robust setup which is an upgrade from standard 1.8t parts in every way. It provides quicker spool, more torque off boost, and more power and torque per pound of boost. You will lower cylinder pressures at a given output, allowing you to stretch low octane pump gas (91-94 octane) further, making your car that much more of a serious contender on your day to day pump fuel. 


- Brand New 2.0 FSI crankshaft with appropriate oil pump drive gear to drop into all 06A blocks. 

- Fits 06A (all transverse, 2000+ longitudal) 1.8t's

Note: Requires a set of stroker pistons to match, as well as a set of 144 x 20mm rods.

Application Notes:

All 1.8T (excludes AEB engine code)