$ 255.00

034Motorsport's Density Line Mounts are the new standard in comfort and performance. Our mounts are redesigned with performance in mind, and manufactured from high-durometer rubber for increased performance and durability, without sacrificing comfort. Density Line Mounts are void-free and fluid-free, eliminating the slop associated with the factory mounts.

Street Density: 

The Street Density Engine Mount Pair is manufactured from 50 durometer rubber, which is approximately 25% stiffer than stock. Since the mounts are also void-free and solid-filled, the resulting mount is approximately 60% stiffer than stock. The cast aluminum mount bodies have also been redesigned to cope with the added stress of spirited driving.

The result is greatly reduced drivetrain slop, crisper shifting, and minimal wheel hop, without any significant increase in noise, vibration, or harshness (NVH) inside of the cabin. These mounts are a completely re-engineered performance solution, not just inserts for use with the factory mounts.


- Manufactured from 60 Durometer (Street Density)  Rubber with Void-Free Construction

- Reduced Drivetrain Slop

- Decreased Engine Movement Under Load

- More Direct Power Transfer

- Improved Shifting Feel

- Complete Drop-In Replacement of Factory Engine/Transmission Mounts

- Sold in Pairs (One Engine Mount  & One Transmission Mount)