$ 48.99

This VDO sender is used to measure oil pressure. It is threaded M10x1k and measures 0-150psi. This sender is typically recommended for VW applications.

Fitting Details
M10x1k male threads
Ring terminal connection
Ground connection made through threads

Tech Article: Connecting A Wire To This Sender
Tech Corner: VW Oil Temperature and Pressure Senders

Please Note
This is a dual post sender. You may notice that we tend to only sell single post senders. VDO's 150psi M10x1 single post sender is around $70. In order to save the customer money, we are selling this dual post sender instead. The second post on this sender is for a low pressure warning light. We do not intend for this sender to be used for that purpose. The low pressure triggers around 12psi - high enough for a VW to frequently trigger the warning light.

The posts on this sender are labeled G and WK. Connect your sender wire to the terminal labeled G. The WK terminal is the warning light terminal and should only be used in custom applications.

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