$ 249.99



Factory VW/Audi oil coolers are inefficient and prone to leaking causing coolant to mix with engine oil. These cooler kits eliminate this problem by using a bar/plate style cooler that acts like a radiator for your engine oil. Our adapters use a temperature sensitive valve to maintain optimal engine temperature in cold or hot conditions.  

Our custom oil cooler kits are built to your specifications! Using the menu above you can build a kit to fit your exact needs. All lines will be pre-assembled and guaranteed not to leak. 

No more trying to figure out what adapters and fitting you need! We include everything you need. Simply install the block adapter, run the lines, and install your cooler and enjoy reduced engine temperatures!

(Note: final price depends on options added)

Kit includes:

  • Engine block adapter 

  • Oil cooler feed and return lines

  • High quality Earls® Oil cooler

  • Installation instructions

Fits all VW/Audi engines.

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