End of a Great Thing. Beginning of a Great Thing September 15 2015

Today at midnight was the end of our first group buy event for our rear 3-point lower brace that fits a bevy of VW and Audi cars. This is just the first step in a series of products and product bundles that we're going to be developing over the next few months to give our customers a unique and competitively priced opportunity to truly enjoy their build. We're sure you've seen that one of our hashtags is #enjoyyourbuild and we mean that. We want you to get the best price possible so that your priority isn't having the most expensive parts but having the most consistent functional parts that work every day, every time you turn that key. We're a small group and we want you, the customer, to be a part of our journey, our process, and our development so you know what you're getting and you know where your money is going. That way, when you put your build to the streets, you know exactly what to expect and how you'll enjoy it. So our promise to you is to make it as achievable as possible for you to always enjoy your build when you do business with us. Stay tuned!