Bundles and Packages Research September 24 2015

Great things coming from Savage Chassis, where we are putting in overtime at the drawing board! First of all, we're neck-deep into measurements and development for our mk6 2.0t reinforced and baffled oil pan. Not only is this going to keep your oil pan from cracking on impact when your car is sitting exceptionally low but it'll also minimize the problem of oil being pulled to one side of the pan and starving your oil pump during hard cornering. 

We're also starting to put together our Tier 1 and Tier 2 Shifter Solution We're looking to make the Tier 1 Shifter Solution a bundle for the 42 Draft Design shifter bushings  for an upgrade in shifting precision and feel without having to sacrifice the shift length of the OEM shifter. Our Tier 2 Shifter Solution bundle will be simply adding a Sigma 6 Dieselgeek short shifter to the Tier 1 Solution bundle. 

After shifting solutions we're looking into brainstorming some engine solutions for the 2.0T Tsi motor for improved air flow.

These three changes are just a few examples of our main focus: Creating solutions that will help speed up the completion of your builds!

What do you guys think about creating bundles on our website? Tell us on our Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/savagechassis) or simply comment on this blog below.