2.0T Reinforced Oil Pan Spring Group Buy March 07 2016

Today, we're going to be kick off our group buy for our 2.0T reinforced oil pan. This is a lifetime warrantied reinforced oil pan that fits to the later model Mk5, the Mk6, Mk7, 1st & 2nd gen CC and many more! This'll be the last oil pan you ever buy and you'll never be left on the side of the road. Taking cues from other success, discount details are as follows:
10 participants = 10% off
15 participants = 15% off
20 participants = 20% off
25+ participants = 25% off
Please message us if you would like to participate. The group buy will be live until March 21st 2016.


1st Gears & Beers of 2016 February 15 2016

Film coverage of the first Gears and Beers of 2016 at Red Brick Brewery. We were glad to participate in this awesome event. Click the link to watch a short film of the event. Gears & Beers 2016

Mk7 Go Low Bundle February 15 2016

For our new Mk7 owners, we're excited to announce our Mk7 Go Low Bundle! This is everything you need to go low and still be protected with the piece of mind that comes with our new Mk7 2.0T reinforced oil pans. If you're feeling conservative and already enjoy the grinning liveliness of your GTi, you can go with our Go Low bundle that combines H&R or VWR springs with our reinforced oil pan. If you're ready to take it to the next level of street & track low, you can combine KW V1, V2, or V3 coilovers with the reinforced oil pan! Click on the Mkz Go Low Bundle link to choose your kit. 

For the Fun of it January 15 2016

Cheers to Austin Popadics for the brilliant film that he put together when we partnered with our customers and Jim Ellis VW of Kennesaw to pull off a photoshoot and a film on the showroom floor of the dealership. Jim Ellis has also been supportive enough to be the first dealership to be the premiere service center installing our Mk6 2.0t reinforced oil pans. Check out the film and let us know what you think!


VR6 Reinforced Oil Pan Version 2 December 21 2015

We're happy to announce that we've finally listed our updated version 2 VR6 reinforced oil pan. We're especially happy about the additionally reinforcement coverage shielding the drain plug as well as the vented creasing on the steel plate to allow it to more closely follow the contours of the OEM pan shape. As always, we stand behind our product with a lifetime warranty. Our reinforced oil pans far exceed the inaccurate claims of street shields and skid plates that can actually do more damage to your pan and create catastrophic failure in your engine by hiding the damage until its too late. We can't wait to start getting these out to our customers!

Mk6 2.0T Reinforced Oil Pan Version 2 December 21 2015

We'd like to introduced our revised listing of our version 2 reinforced 2.0T oil pan. Updating from version 1, we've expanded the reinforcement area to cover the entire bottom face of the pan and not just the lowest point on the pan. The welds are stronger and the plate includes vented crease points to allow the reinforcement steel plate to follow the contours of the oil pan. No need for cheap knock-off aluminum "reinforced" oil pans that are weaker than the OEM units or useless "street shields" that simply reduce your ground clearance on your slammed car as well as adding more hidden damage to your oil pan when they flex from impact. We stand behind our product with a lifetime warranty and a level of functional quality that far exceeds any other pan in the industry. 

VR Reinforced Oil Pan v. 2 December 02 2015

So we've been working with some new ideas and started putting together an update for our VR6 reinforced oil pan. We're happy to introduce the first two to come fresh out of powder coating with added ducting to mitigate any liquid that might cause rust, better shielding, and even a reinforced shielding for the drain plug section! We're super excited about this! Adjusted pricing coming soon!

Cyber Monday Sale November 29 2015

For Cyber Monday, we're moving to the interior of our cars. All NRG products (seats, steering wheels, hubs, spacers, adapters, etc) are on sale at 15% off. All Autometer & VDO gauges are also 15% off. The promo code for this will be CYBERMONDAYSAVAGE and will be active until the end of Tuesday. Click on the embedded link to go to a special page showing the sale. 

Weekend Extension November 28 2015

We've decided to extend the Day 4 Black Friday Week Sale for the rest of the weekend. We've activated a new promotional code for that purpose so you guys can take advantage of 30% off ALL reinforced oil pans. BLACKFRIDAYSAVAGE2. Click the embedded link to see all the reinforced oil pans we have to offer over the weekend!

Day 4 of the Black Friday Week Sale November 26 2015

HAPPY THANKSGIVING! So day 4 is here and to celebrate Thanksgiving our next promo code is going to be live for all of Thanksgiving AND all Black friday (November 26th - November 27th). This will be 30% off on ALL our REINFORCED oil pans for all marks! The promo code is BLACKFRIDAYSAVAGE. Click the embedded link to take advantage of this awesome sale!

Black Friday Week Sale Day 4 November 25 2015

Day 4 of our Black Friday Week Sale is under way. Today, we're going to be discounting our customizable oil cooler kit by 15% for the day of Wednesday. Promo code is going to be BLACKFRIDAYOILCOOL. Click the embedded link to build your own oil cooler today at 15% off!

Black Friday Week Sale Day 3 November 24 2015

For Day 3, we'll be offering 10% of all our upgraded Power Slot brake rotors. This promo code will end at the end of Tuesday. The Promo code is BLACKFRIDAYROTORS. Click the embedded link to take advantage of this sale and order yours. 

Black Friday Week Day 2 November 23 2015

We've decided to add our 6 Speed Short Shift Tier 3 to the Black Friday week sale. That means 10% off these kits for the entire day of Monday 11-23-15. Just click the link to take advantage of this sale! Promo code will be BLACKFRIDAYSHIFT3.

Also, we're going to include ALL Hawk HPS brake pads in today's sale as well. The promo code is BLACKFRIDAYPADS. Click the promo code to go to the pads on our site and take advantage of 10% off. 

1st Day of the Black Friday Week Sale November 22 2015

Soooo, we're off to a late start with our first item. For that reason, we're going to make sure this item stays up through Sunday until the end of Monday 11-23-15. Our sale of the week is going to be 10% of all 6 Speed Shifter Solution kits for Tier 1 and Tier 2. The promo code will be BLACKFRIDAYSHIFT1 in all caps for the Tier 1, BLACKFRIDAYSHIFT2 for the Tier 2 kit.

Stoptech stopped by November 19 2015

We've gotten a great opportunity to start carrying Stoptech upgraded big brake kits for our Mk 6 drivers. With consistently proven price competitive options out there for big power gains, the best way to enjoy your build is to make sure you can control that power when you need to. So we've started carrying this awesome product to further our ability and commitment to helping you guys with your build!

Hawk HPS Street Pads November 17 2015

We decided to start carrying these Hawk HPS Street Pads after trying them out on our test Volkswagen CC with brilliant daily driver results. If you want an affordable performance upgrade to your stopping power, these HPS Street Pads are the perfect option.


If you're looking for more aggressive stopping at a competitive price, before you take the step to a full big brake Brembo GT System, you can also upgrade to the Hawk Performance Ceramic Brake Pads. They'll change the game on your stopping power and increase your driving confidence!

Brembo Big Brake November 17 2015

We're happy to announce that we've started carrying Brembo GT System big brake upgrade kits! Check them out on the website and get your kit through us!

The Black Friday Week November 16 2015

We've decided that for the week of Thanksgiving we're going to be offering some 24 hour discount codes on certain products during the days leading up to Thanksgiving and Black Friday. Each day we'll announce:
1) The product
2) The discount percentage
3) The discount PROMO CODE!
Now, on Thanksgiving day, we'll have a 48 hour Black Friday 30% sale on a specific line of products to be announced via our facebook page and our website blog. Thats 30% off a to-be-announced product line for Thanksgiving AND Black Friday! The first 24 hour sale will start Sunday November 22nd so check back with us on our facebook page or website every day after the 22nd to see what's on sale leading up to Black Friday!

Never Satisfied November 15 2015

We've had an opportunity to really take the feedback from one of our customers seriously enough for us to continue the development of our 3-point lower rear brace and continue revising. We're glad Jeff was able to give us some invaluable insight on ways we could integrate some quality control into our fabricated products to give it a little more polish you guys will love! Stay tuned as we get updated content to show you what we're doing!

Taking Back to Our Roots October 30 2015

So with the listing of our Mk6 reinforced oil pan, we've gotten back to the foundation of what runs our business, the protection of your oil circulation system. A lot of you already know that we've got reinforced, shortened, and full steel oil pans for a variety of VWs from Mk3 to Mk6. Now we're working on adapting some additional components to work in concert with our oil coolers that will help keep your engine from oil starvation, protect your bottom end, and get you a little more responsiveness out of your engine for the occasion or frequent hard driving. Stay tuned guys!

Mk6 Reinforced Oil Pan October 20 2015

After almost a month of testing and driving around installed in a bagged test car, our Mk6 reinforced oil pan is finally LIVE on our website! We feel that this is going to be a hot seller since it fits all Mk6 2.0T motors. We're talking GTIs, Golfs, Jettas, and Passat CCs if not more! Check out our Mk6 section and order one if you plan on riding slammed!

Tier 1 and Tier 2 Shifter Solution Kits October 03 2015

So installation is almost finished with our test mk6 2.0t. After the bushings went in, we've decided to up the stakes and proceed with installing our Tier 2 SS Kit. Tier 2 simply consists of the Dieselgeek Sigma 6 short shifter. We're going to see what bushings get tossed and what stays with the Sigma 6 before we get our demo CC ready for road testing. 

Bundles and Packages Research September 24 2015

Great things coming from Savage Chassis, where we are putting in overtime at the drawing board! First of all, we're neck-deep into measurements and development for our mk6 2.0t reinforced and baffled oil pan. Not only is this going to keep your oil pan from cracking on impact when your car is sitting exceptionally low but it'll also minimize the problem of oil being pulled to one side of the pan and starving your oil pump during hard cornering. 

We're also starting to put together our Tier 1 and Tier 2 Shifter Solution We're looking to make the Tier 1 Shifter Solution a bundle for the 42 Draft Design shifter bushings  for an upgrade in shifting precision and feel without having to sacrifice the shift length of the OEM shifter. Our Tier 2 Shifter Solution bundle will be simply adding a Sigma 6 Dieselgeek short shifter to the Tier 1 Solution bundle. 

After shifting solutions we're looking into brainstorming some engine solutions for the 2.0T Tsi motor for improved air flow.

These three changes are just a few examples of our main focus: Creating solutions that will help speed up the completion of your builds!

What do you guys think about creating bundles on our website? Tell us on our Facebook page ( or simply comment on this blog below.

Savage's First 22+ brace owners September 16 2015

Today is the official day that we've started production of our first run of our 3-point lower brace that was the core of our group buy promotion. We're going to start reaching out to our special buyers that were part of this exclusive list and price to confirm existing color choices or discuss any additional color preferences they might want at a fair price. So stay ready and feel free to leave us your feedback on our blog comments, our facebook group, or our Google+ page. We're going to want your input on how this product has changed the driving dynamic of your car and if its increased driving confidence. If any of you even go so far as to use it on a track day, definitely let us know what your thoughts are!